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We Are All Guilty. But Not Equally Guilty.

Here is a unwanted truth you won’t like to hear: “Every married person abuses his or her spouse.”

Most people will quickly dismiss or deny this truth because most of us don’t “really” abuse our mates.

But it is actually true.   Every married person has abused his or her spouse.

I’ll admit, most abuses are small.  But ignoring these small abuses is what gets us all into trouble.

Think about it.

A harsh word.  A criticism veiled as a “funny” tease.  These are the seedlings of verbal abuse.

The cold shoulder.  Withholding a smile or a look of affection.  Even benign neglect.  These are the seedlings of emotional abuse.  In these examples, the emotional abuse is in the form of rejection.

Remember, every person wants to feel loved.  Just as you want to feel treasured, honored, respected, admired, and cherished by your spouse, he or she wants the same from you.

The Seedlings of Emotional and Verbal Abuse

At least in some small way, any rejection or put down of the person you promised to love as much as you love yourself is an abuse of that loved one.  It is a betrayal of your vow to stand by, protect, support, encourage, and love your spouse.

But you may complain, such a broad definition of spouse abuse sets an impossibly high standard. Read the rest of this entry »

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