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Unconditional Love. What is Your Unilateral Promise to Your Spouse?

Marriage vows are intended to bind us to our spouse even and especially when we no longer feel like we want to be together, much less bound together.

Marriage vows are a reminder that promise to love someone is an act of the will, a decision to bind one’s will to the process of trying as best as one can to expand, renew, or even restore feelings of love . . . even when there is a drought of such feelings.

Following is a letter from a husband to a wife in the midst of marriage counseling.  At the time it was written, they had not had physical intimacy for over two years, and she was balking at plans arranged during a counseling session for them to go on a second honeymoon. Read the rest of this entry »

A Bitter and Conflicted Wife

My wife is conflicted.

On one hand, we have two unplanned children whom she dearly loves.

On the other hand, we have two unplanned children who have “derailed” her career plans because she doesn’t want to put the youngest in daycare.  She already put off her career for the five oldest, but that was according to her plans.

It’s these two late comers which have upset her plans.

So how does she deal with this conflict between love for her children and resentment over the obligations of being a parent?

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