You can be a special part of our community.

Contribute articles.  Seek advice.  Stir up controversy.  Sell your books or services for couples.  It’s your call.

Just follow a few rules and be respectful.

1. Copyright Issues 

If you post any original material on this website, including comments, doing so constitutes a grant of a transferable, non-exclusive, perpetual right to use your material, with or without attribution, in complete, partial, or edited form in any media in any country. Because this is a non-exclusive grant, you are free to use your material elsewhere but you cannot grant an exclusive right to anyone else without an exception allowing for to continue to use the material and or assign a non-exclusive right to third parties to use the material.

Obviously, you may not publish someone else’s original content on this website or otherwise violate any copyrights or trademarks.  You may quote copyrighted material only to the degree allowed by fair use standards.

2. No Defamation of Character – No Real Names

You can describe problems with a current or former spouse in an effort to share what you have learned, to solicit advice, to garner sympathy, or for any other reasonable reason.

But you may not be malicious and you may not use real names.  All names must be changed to protect both the innocent and not so innocent and to avoid any risk of slander, or libel.   Last names are not allowed at all.  First names should also be changed.

If you are going to discuss a spouse or former spouse, you must also use a pseudonym for yourself.

3. Right to Edit or Delete

We reserve the right to edit or delete material for any reason.

4. Pay to Publish and Earn From Publishing

This website is using Qixit’s 2-Way Micropay™ plugin.  When you create an account, you will automatically begin to receive micropayments from advertisers every time you see an ad through the Qixit ad network.  You can use this free money, or additional funds that you deposit, to pay for setting up an author account or for publishing your articles.

To create an author’s account it costs $[QIXIT_COST_TO_BE_AN_AUTHOR].   You pay this fee only once and can publish as many articles as you like, paying only the publication fee for each article.

To publish an article it costs $[QIXIT_COST_TO_PUBLISH].   You pay only once to post an article. You can edit your article for free. You can also edit or delete comments posted about your article.

If you want to earn money from your article’s you can insert as many links to affiliate products or your websites as you wish.

5. Some Extra Points

  • When you create your authors’s account, please select an ID name which you want to be published with your articles.  If you are going to write anything that might be embarrassing or offensive to other persons, you should use a fictitious name for both yourself and your spouse.
  • Promote your article.  While you will get some “natural” traffic from our blog, it is a good idea to promote your own article through social media, links on other sites, or paid traffic.
  • Read our Terms of Use

    6.  So Get Started Now.